I'm a Sussex Finalist BBC Radio SussexSuper excited to announce that following the 2023 BBC Make a Difference Awards our Managing Director & CEO Simon Papouis received the Winners Award out of thousands of organisations and individuals who were nominated for this highly converted award! Simon was voted to the final 4 finalists for the BBC's prestigious Make a difference award 2023!

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BBC The Repair Shop featured The Cine Film Factory

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Recent Interesting Film Transfers - Digital

1960`s Night Time in New York - 16mm Colour Film Transferred to 2K. The clip shown is a Colour piece of Night Time in New York from the 1960s and showcases the quality that we can Transfer from 16mm Film - HD being over 50 Years Old, using our unique systems we have in place at our Studio.

The Mercedes Silver Arrows on Race Day 1958 at Oulton Park Motor Circuit, We restored this to run with the celebrations of Mercedes Benz celebrating 125 years in Motor Sport at the Hockenheim Grand Prix - Regular 8 Film Restored & Transferred to HD 1080p

Contact us Today without delay to arrange the Transfer of your 8mm Cine Films – 16mm Film & 9.5mm Film to Digital media using our unique mixed gauge film transfer systems.

We also Transfer to Digital media all your VHS - VHSc Tapes – Hi8 Tapes - Video 8 Tapes – Mini DV Tapes & More!

At The Cine Film Factory, we are a team of dedicated film experts with many years of combined knowledge to be able to offer our clients the expertise in restoration and preservation of all your treasured memories on vintage film using our systematic steps & then transferring using our state of the art unique transfer systems to ensure all those special moments you may have on 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm home movies onto modern Digital media to suit your requirements. Whether it’s Home Movie Video transfer, or an entire Movie archive to video – whatever the format – whatever the media – we can help. We have been in the business for over 20 years. We provide a tailor-mode service that is discreet and professional, sensitive and secure. Your film will be safe in our hands and we provide a timely transfer service.

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Some Of Our work

Premium Service 2 Transfer Option - Super 8 Film & Regular 8 Film - Standard Definition


Platinum High Definition Transfer Service 3 Option - Super 8 Film - 1080p HD Videos

16mm Film Transferred - 2K HD Video`s

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Not sure what is on your Film Collection & want to watch & edit yourself on your own Computer, we can build your Digital Transfers into any Digital Video File compatible with your Computer.

Supported Formats

We provide all modern Digital Media Such as DVD-Video - Blu-Ray - USB Flash - External Hardrive for your TV with USB Compatibility - We can even assist you with Drop Box & online storage cloud options with soloutions. Contact us to learn more.


Given the age now of celluloid film, believe it or not many around the 50 year mark, we have adopted a very systematic approach whilst handling this film prior to transfer to protect any fracturing of the film compound which includes manual delicate lubrication & cleaning with air drying which is paramount, making them sparkle again.


If you're not confident carrying out editing yourself, just tell us what your vision is & we can cater your bespoke theme for you, so all you have to do is sit back & enjoy.

Video film transfer and conversion to HD - DVD and digital media service

Take a moment and just think about some of those past memories, the faces, the places and the fun times had.

So many of those memories are difficult to get back once lost!

Unfortunatley all our precious memories are at risk now given the age of our early film for a variety of reasons we are recently starting to see across a wide spectrum of our film media. Let`s take steps to Protect them now with our complete and professional film transfer service.
Remeber All those homemade Cine Films, Hi-8 tapes VHS-Videos Etc, the family occasions, treasured memories of a family holiday , remembering the family in their younger years and all the wonderful memories of friends & family no longer with you?

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Protect your film from deterioration

Given the now  40 / 50 year and more age of your 8mm & 16mm Cine Films it is important to save your film from deterioration and and we can help with the transfer to Digital. Depending upon the conditions in which the film has been stored, cine film and video tape & more recently Hi-8 & now VHS-c tapes are now starting to show their age and deteriorate with this. The changing of the seasons, the warmth and the cold, is all having a huge effect on the film we seeimpacting its overall condition and deterioration, especially if they’ve been in a box in the attic or cellar for years. We can preserve & restore your film`s and protect those priceless and precious memories that might be gathering dust.

Transfer to DVD to protect them for future generations of your to enjoy.

Other Formats

The Cine Film Factory can’t only transfer your 8mm cine films, 9.5mm films and 16mm films to Digital media.
We can also transfer all your old Camcorder Hi8 Tape, Video 8 Tape, Mini DV Tape, VHS & VHSc Tape`s.

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