Cine Film Deterioration

It is now a known and reported fact, that the record of British life on film could be threatened from an emerging ‘disease’ which eats away at film. This is potentially disastrous to your home movies, cine film, videos and even TV and film archives if they are not stored correctly to protect them from fungal infection.

Biodegradation of Cinematographic Gelatin Emulsion by Bacteria and Fungi

Cinematographic film has a layer of gelatin on its surface. This emulsion layer is where the image is formed but also provides ideal food for fungi like Aspergillus and Penicillium. If the fungus forms a layer of mould on a film it produces enzymes which allow it to use the film as food and to grow. The damage it can cause to the film is irreversible as the mould ‘eats’ the image stored on the film’s surface. While all film is potentially at risk, it is film that has been stored in damp conditions that is most likely to become affected in this way. We at The Cine Film Factory believe the problem is getting worse. We are seeing more and more 8mm & 16mm cine film that is suffering the effects of age deterioration and fungal threat, so without delay we urge all our customers to get their precious film checked out.

Professional Film Care Advice

We can inspect your cine film, review its condition and check for the dreaded fungi. If its already showing signs of deterioration, we can act fast and make preparations to preserve your film and digitally transfer your film to Digital.

From our unique experience with handing film we have a systematic approach we will take in respect of the restoration of your films to ensure a successful transfer takes place. If you are already thinking of having your film professionally transferred to Digital, then act now and don’t put it off before it may be too late.

Film Fungal in the news

The BBC have an interesting and yet worrying article on the “Emerging fungal threat to historical film archives“.
This reveals the potential extent of the damage to film from fungal infection and what could potentially be done to detect the mould before it does serious damage to our film archives.

We can transfer the digital video files to USB memory stick, external hard disk or DVD in the format you require. We can also create DVD chapters and menus with background music according to your specific requirements.

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