8mm Cine film transfer to digital

Following the restoration & transfer of your 8mm Cine Film collection we can transfer the digital video files to USB memory stick, external hard drives or DVD Video`s in the format you require.

We are also able to discuss the options of online video storage solutions such as The Cloud, Dropbox Etc. A great solution for Family Overseas.


Super 8 – Standard 8 – Regular 8

3”Inch Reel (50ft) Approx 4 mins 00 secs

4”Inch Reel (100ft) Approx 8 mins 00 secs

5”Inch Reel (200ft) Approx 16 mins 00 secs

6”Inch Reel (300ft) Approx 24 mins 00 secs

7”Inch Reel (400ft) Approx 32 mins 00 secs

8mm Cine Film Transfer
8mm Cine Film Identification guide

We have created this visual identification Guide to help you to understand what type of 8mm Cine Film Media you have.

This will help you to be able to give us precise information when we ask you what you have.

Pre 1970s Kodak Regular 8 packaging, Pre 1970s Ilford Regular 8 packaging, 1970s onwards Kodak Super 8 envelope packaging.
3″ 50ft – 5″ 200ft – 7″ 400ft 8mm Cine Film reels.
3″ 50ft – 5″ 200ft – 7″ 400ft 8mm Cine Film reels.
Our Work Our 8mm film transfers

8mm Cine Film Transfer, video editing and transfer to DVD

Understandably, many people no longer have working 8mm projectors. You may have precious recordings, or you may have found some old film and you’re not sure what’s on it.

Rather than pay high prices on auction sites for old un-calibrated projectors, which may damage your film, let us help. We have all the necessary equipment, properly calibrated 8mm transfer systems and the ability to transfer the film to any media you wish.

We can convert from 8mm cine film and transfer to DVD or USB flash media in MPEG, AVI, .MOV or QuickTime video file format so you can edit yourself using your home computer, with a basic editing package.

If you find you have a large number of cine film reels to transfer, we recommend you purchase a large external drive. These are relatively cheap these days and serve not only as a storage device for the films that we convert for you, it can also function as external storage or a backup drive for your main computer.

We understand that you may not have the necessary 8mm projector or know what’s on your film, so by having the films converted to digital video files, you can then view, edit and record to DVD the film you want, how you want it.

We can advise on storage devices and software to help you get the most from video editing.

If you’re not confident with video editing, we can do it for you, as part of our complete video editing package.

We offer a complete service, reviewing the 8mm cine film to transfer, recording to digital video, video editing and transfer to DVD. This includes background music of your choice, titles to appear at the start of each cine film chapter and we can also create animated movie thumbnail menus to make your final DVD look great.

More information can be found on our video editing page.

Animated menus What will your DVDs look like