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Simon Papouis About our CEO film
production director

Simon is a passionate creative visionary who started the cine film factory many years ago after growing up enjoying the special magic of 8mm cine film understanding In his words “Understanding with huge interest the migration between Analogue to Digital Media`s” wanting everyone to be able to have access to this migration.

Simon recalls as a teenager spending many rainy winter Sundays with his Family in Worthing, West Sussex, watching his Father dust off & crank up the Eumig Super 8 Projector and settle down to relive his & his families precious 8mm film collection witnessing for himself the magical experience of emotion & connection brought from these precious memories.

It was those moments in time where like a switch in Simon`s mind the cine film factory was born as he understood having a strong explorative Digital background decided there must be a more straightforward way to enjoy 8mm film rather than risk any further damage to such treasured memories, it was then Simon realised how much old media there was to bring into the Digital future, and from that point with our early humble beginnings offering our services on eBay we have grown in to the business we are today being one of the UKs most recognised film restoration & transfer companies now having transferred all media for customers from every inch of the United Kingdom.

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We are extremely proud to have restored Media for Major UK Museums -Universities – Professors – Students – Archaeologists – Town Councils – Art Galleries – The Music Industry – Auctioneers – TV Production – Business Customers & of Course Private Customers.

One of the interesting thing to evolve from the interview with Simon although he is very passionate about protecting his customers discretion of content recalls the moment he witnessed during transfer of a customer’s 9.5mm film unique never seen before footage filmed on board Titanic 1912, during its Maiden Voyage, the situation around the film was some of great mystery & intrigue as the customer had inherited an dusty old leather suitcase from previous generations of family with no idea as to what the content of the case was. (More on this story is revealed in a recent interview with Simon in a magazine for which a Digital version is available for your reading on our home page)

Of course we cannot guarantee that your footage will hold such treasure, however Simon ads History is written by so many theorists & the beauty of vintage film is its innocence with no miss representation, and of course Film can correct History putting fact to the theories.

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