The enjoyment Transferred Film Provides to all Situations

The enjoyment Transferred Film Provides to all Situations

Here is a recent Customer order of 8mm Cine Films transferred to DVDs
Here is a recent Customer order of 8mm Cine Films transferred to DVDs

We at The Cine Film Factory have been have been thinking about writing a Blog in respect of how Film Transferred provides so much in enjoyment to everyone of our Customers who have this done & offers stimulation to others.

Then a perfect example was requested recently which gave us the opportunity to consider this Blog further & for many reasons feel now is the time to share.
Whilst over the years of Transferring 8mm 9.5mm 16mm Film to DVDs & Digital, thought we had heard from listening to Customers requests I.e. Golden Wedding Anniversary - Birthday - Fathers Day all these poignant Days in people's lives!

Then this one day The Cine Film Factory were approached by a Customer & presented with a very unique situation being, a immediate Family member had been involved in a serious accident at work, unfortunately leaving the person in question with significant Brain Damage showing no response of emotion.
With this situation with the legalities & Insurance companies involved there was an argument being played out with the Courts that the person would not have the ability to respond to their surroundings.

The Family were of course ever hopeful that a miracle would come of this terrible situation, We were advised that a therapist had suggested that sometimes sounds and visuals from the past can have stimulation in such situations, this now formed part of the reasoning as to the decisions for Care to be established.
We were presented with a selection of 8mm Cine Films of the person from their childhood to transfer to DVDs at the earliest opportunity, of course from understanding the situation stepped forward to assist as a matter of urgency.
After the Transfer the feedback we received from the family with huge anticipation on our part was delivered that they were amazed and so were the Doctors and care nurses that they had responded and made noises of recognition & cried, the Brain had drawn stimulation from the images recognised from riding a bike as a child, from a horrendous situation came positives & worked and we are told the DVDs of the Transfers are of huge source of comfort to the individual and are played regularly as they provide an early connection in their life that they have digressed to given the situation they are in.
The Family have since located VHS - Hi 8 Media that they have since had transferred to provide further enjoyment all carried out at The Cine Film Factory Studio in Worthing.

We have also since carried out Family Film transfers for families with loved ones suffering with Dementia - Parkinson's & other Brain related problems as the power of personal film collection memories provide so much comfort to remember the early years of life & can also help the memory in certain situations.
We have even carried out Film Transfers speedily for families to comfort those in the late stages of terminal Cancer as a comfort source for final hours even sounds & voices can be of huge comfort.

With all of this in mind want to reach out to anyone who may be able to relate to any of these situations to contact us without delay to discuss the Film Transfers.

This VHS film Transfer order was 39 Hours of Film Transferred to DVDs
This VHS film Transfer order was 39 Hours of Film Transferred to DVDs

Christmas 8mm Cine Film Transfer Orders

Christmas 8mm Cine Film Transfer Orders

Christmas Transfer Orders

It`s that time of year again Folk`s where Christmas is fast approaching, The Supermarkets & Television will remind us all of this shortly.

This is a very busy period for Wonderland Elf Production Team and we urge our Customers if you are thinking of having some Films transferred for a Gift or simply to enjoy with Family & Friends over the break to get in touch with us ASAP to organise your Film transfers.

We take Telephone orders please call 01903 690543

We also sell Gift Vouchers to suit a range of different budgets, so if you maybe unsure as to what to by that special person in your life then these are a great idea.

Our Gift Vouchers cover all aspects of our Transfer Services to include:-
8mm Cine Film Transfer to Digital Video Files - 8mm Cine Film Transfer to DVD
16mm Film Transfer to Digital Video Files - 16mm Film Transfer to DVD
9.5mm Film Transfer to Digital Video Files - 9.5mm Film Transfer to DVD
VHS Video Tape Transfer to Digital Video Files - VHS Video Tape Transfer to DVD
Hi8 Video 8 Transfer to Digital Video Files - Hi8 Video 8 Transfer to DVD
Mini DV Tape Transfer to Digital Video Files - Mini DV Tape Transfer to DVD
35mm Slide HD Scanning - 35mm Slide Transfers to DVD
Audio Cassette Tape Transfer to Audio CD (Compact Disc)
All carried out in our Studio In Worthing, West Sussex

For the few who really leave everything to the last minute (This is proven very popular over the years) we can e mail Vouchers right up to Christmas Eve!

So please don't delay in getting in touch & from Simon & all The Team at The Cine Film Factory we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Secret of the Sony Walkman as reminisced by Simon & Customer Recently

Secret of the Sony Walkman as reminisced by Simon & Customer Recently


The tiny, elegant Sony Walkman launched in 1979, revolutionised how we listened to music & holds fond memories for our founder Simon Papouis as can be seen a young Simon in the 1980s enjoying whilst on Holiday in the Gambia.

The Walkman was the I phone of its day - a product so iconic it helped to define a decade. Developed by the Japanese electronics company Sony in the 1970s and Launched worldwide in 1979, it went on to be a symbol of the Eighties' new-found affluence, consumerism and solipsism. Before the Walkman, portable music had meant lugging around boom boxes the size of large suitcases.
These elephantine pieces of equipment required vast amounts of juice to power their two large, loud speakers, earning them the nickname, "ghetto blasters." If you were unwise enough to take them anywhere without a power supply then you burnt through piles of expensive batteries in a matter of a couple of hours.
The Walkman, tiny, elegantly modernist and utterly personal, changed all that.
Unlike the boom box, it was truly individual and truly portable.
Legend has it that the very first device was built in 1978 by Sony engineer Nobutoshi Kihara for Sony co-chairman Akio Morita, who wanted to be able to listen to operas during his frequent trans-Pacific plane trips. The -Walkman was certainly liberating.
Suddenly you could listen to music pretty much anywhere, at home, on your way to the office, on a train or plane, or in the gym. And you were in little danger of running out of batteries before the end of a song. Furthermore, its size allowed people to carry many more cassettes with them.
Playing music through a boom box was arguably a more convivial way of enjoying music, but the Walkman showed us new ways to share music. In part because of it the mix-tape was born, with friends and lovers giving cassettes containing their favourite music to one another.

Before long the Sony Walkman had become one of those must have items.
A particularly sought after model was the Sony Walkman Professional', used by DJs for the famous Eighties beach parties held by proto-ravers in Ibiza and Goa. Even today they remain collectable' A model in half-decent nick will set you back €150 on Ebay.
The Walkman was also arguably the first wearable piece of technology.
Boom boxes had to be carried around, and although some were able to do this with real panache, levering them onto their shoulders like the star of a mid-Seventies reggae album, most people couldn't wait to set them down. The Walkman could be comfortably
attached to your belt, or if it was an especially stylish model, dropped casually onto the table of a restaurant or pub, in much the same way as people do with their flagship phones today.
For more than two decades the Walkman reigned supreme. What eventually killed it off was ultimately what has helped to fatally wound the music industry - the digitising of music and the MP3. Then Apple came up with the iPod - an MP3 player that was easy to use, could hold thousands of songs and never needed a battery replacing - the Walkman suddenly looked very old-fashioned. Now even the iPod is on its way out as ever more people favour a single device to cater for their potable entertainment needs.
We recently reminisced about mix-tapes and Walkman's. We said that when we first saw the technology, it struck us as utterly magical. "Now we carry our record collection, satellite w, several hundred books, telephone and directory, sat-nav, camera, reprohouse, word processor, calculator! newspapers and magazines all in something the size of a packet of cigarettes.
But where is the magic?"




We are delighted to share with you The Cine Film Factory`s brand new Website for 2015.

This like our Business is a fresh representation from our old Website and allows us to showcase even more of our transfer work.

We are on a continued campaign to get Britain transferring & hope that you find the content of our website helpful in assisting you with all aspects of our transfers, providing you with all the information you require to get things underway.

Part of our Vision was to indulge into Social Media more than we had done previously, as many of our industry colleagues Worldwide use Twitter & Facebook to keep Restoration & Transfer Alive & with this our Customers will have access to Social Posts within our Website.

We will be making Regular Announcements & Competitions & Special Offers via Social Media Facebook & Twitter so be sure to keep an eye on our Blog

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