Christmas 8mm Cine Film Transfer Orders

Christmas 8mm Cine Film Transfer Orders

Christmas Transfer Orders

It`s that time of year again Folk`s where Christmas is fast approaching, The Supermarkets & Television will remind us all of this shortly.

This is a very busy period for Wonderland Elf Production Team and we urge our Customers if you are thinking of having some Films transferred for a Gift or simply to enjoy with Family & Friends over the break to get in touch with us ASAP to organise your Film transfers.

We take Telephone orders please call 01903 690543

We also sell Gift Vouchers to suit a range of different budgets, so if you maybe unsure as to what to by that special person in your life then these are a great idea.

Our Gift Vouchers cover all aspects of our Transfer Services to include:-
8mm Cine Film Transfer to Digital Video Files - 8mm Cine Film Transfer to DVD
16mm Film Transfer to Digital Video Files - 16mm Film Transfer to DVD
9.5mm Film Transfer to Digital Video Files - 9.5mm Film Transfer to DVD
VHS Video Tape Transfer to Digital Video Files - VHS Video Tape Transfer to DVD
Hi8 Video 8 Transfer to Digital Video Files - Hi8 Video 8 Transfer to DVD
Mini DV Tape Transfer to Digital Video Files - Mini DV Tape Transfer to DVD
35mm Slide HD Scanning - 35mm Slide Transfers to DVD
Audio Cassette Tape Transfer to Audio CD (Compact Disc)
All carried out in our Studio In Worthing, West Sussex

For the few who really leave everything to the last minute (This is proven very popular over the years) we can e mail Vouchers right up to Christmas Eve!

So please don't delay in getting in touch & from Simon & all The Team at The Cine Film Factory we look forward to hearing from you soon.

All You Want To Know About The Cine Film Factory

All You Want To Know About The Cine Film Factory

We have written this Blog to provide more information about our Film Transfer service of what we think our Customers would like to know.

Who is The Cine Film Factory and what services do you provide?

1. The Cine Film Factory is located in Sunny Worthing West Sussex (By The Sea) our CEO/Managing Director is Simon Papouis started The Cine Film Factory many years ago after growing up enjoying the special magic of 8mm Cine Film understanding In his words “Understanding with huge interest the migration between Analogue to Digital Media`s” wanting everyone to be able to have access to this migration.
Simon recalls as a teenager spending many Rainy Winter Sundays with his Family in Ferring, West Sussex, watching his Father dust off & crank up the Eumig Super 8 Projector and settle down to relive his & his families precious 8mm Film Collection witnessing for himself the magical experience of emotion & connection brought from these precious memories.
It was those moments in time where like a switch in Simon`s mind The Cine Film Factory was born as he understood having a strong explorative Digital Background decided there must be a more straightforward way to enjoy 8mm Film rather than risk any further damage to such treasured memories, it was then Simon realised how much old media there was to bring into the Digital future, and from that point we have grown in to the Business we are Today having Transferred all Media for Customers from every inch of the United Kingdom.

How long will it take for you to complete a job?

2. As we are an Internet Business we are receiving a wide audience of Customers on a Daily basis from around the UK & our transfer times vary from 5 Working Days to 2 Weeks depending on current cycles of transfers taking place.
Our most common question is how long will my film collection take to complete as we say to all customers once we confirmation of readiness to proceed we will be able to confirm our transfer diary.
We have customers who come to us with special events happening, it may be 50th Wedding Anniversary, Birthday Celebration Etc we always accommodate special requests & even have a fast track system in place to ensure special events are catered for in plenty of time for the special day.

What formats can a film be transferred to?

3. We offer 2 transfer services here at the Cine Film Factory & having been in the film production transfer Business for many years understand no job is ever the same & almost 99.9% of our customers have differing specific requirements.
Service 1 is a transfer of all Film media to DVD-Video this is a no hassle way forward whereby Customers are comfortable with their Content & just want to digitally preserve footage, sit down in a comfortable chair on a rainy afternoon and watch the films via DVD/Blu ray player on TV and Enjoy, we set the DVDs up beautifully with animated menus coordinated themes etc examples of this can be found by following this look to our editing page on our Website.
Service 2 is a transfer of all Film media to Digital Video Files, we have some very comprehensive software that allow us to cater all Video file types available to date, the most popular types are Video files to work on Windows Operating Systems & Apple Mac computers, however we have transferred 1930s footage in the past to Apple I Pads in full HD which showcase beautifully on Apples Retina Screen.
Depending on the amount of Film media to transfer we will recommend the best storage solution for our Customers transfers, this may be Data DVDs USB Flash drives for smaller orders & larger orders we would supply External Hard Drives.
Another option we offer is external hard drive to hold content being specifically catered towards Customers who would like to connect to Home TVs via USB port this is a very popular service as it gives our Customer the opportunity the same as DVD Videos to sit back & enjoy without the worry of losing DVDs Etc however also giving the opportunity to connect to Home PC if they wish to edit some content themselves. we call it having the Best of both worlds.

What type of equipment is used in the film transfers?

4. All our transfers are carried out in House un like some of our competitors we are not a middle man Transfer Business taking Films from Customer & shipping out to a third party Business to transfer.
All our transfer systems especially our 8mm Cine Film Transfer Units & 16mm Transfer units have all been specifically built over the many years by us & we have ironed out issues years ago & our transfer units are very fine tuned machines which make our transfers Today look wonderful.
An interesting point is our Systems have now been patented as they are unique to us & we are not ruling out in the future selling our units to the Transfer Market as we often have enquiries from competitors & people looking to start up if we can supply our Transfer units for 8mm Film - Super 8 - Regular 8 & 16mm.
What We & Our Customers love about our transfers is the Organic Rawness of the 8mm footage, we do not take away from the natural look that 8mm Cine Films provide leaving the natural graininess by introduce intensive colour to 8mm which takes so much form the original film & let's remember part of the experience is for our Customers to remember there footage along with how they remember the nostalgic images they remember form the 8mm projector.
We love to showcase some of our projects on our Website & a direct link to our 8mm Cine Film Transfers & 16mm HD Transfers can be viewed by clicking on the following link :-

The Cine Film Factory

How much film can fit on a DVD?

5. In relation to transfer times on DVDs this varies as to the media so for example 8mm Cine Film Transfers we never extend over 1 Hour Per DVD the reason for this is DVD cramming of footage over 1 Hour will only result in loss of resolution from the transfers as the DVD will look prior to Burning to compensate Data space saving & will lessen the quality hence we do not extend periods over 1 Hour, Regards other Formats we Transfer VHS - VHS-c - Hi 8 - Video 8 - Mini DV these do have flexibility for longer run times as we use different systems for these resolution lose is not really noticeable to the natural eye.

What is the quality like?

6. The qualities all depend on what the condition of the original media is like, our transfers will always give a fresh shiny feel to Transfers, however we are all limited to correction of poor focusing, however we have manual systems in place were we can correct 8mm Cine Film Transfers & 16mm Film Transfers & 9.5mm Film Transfers with manual adjustments of exposure to brighten up dark under exposed frames within film also we use stage filtering as with much of the 8mm Cine Film we have seen over the years this has been shot in Tropical Climates which of course exposes the recording Film this takes of the intense brightness which detracts from the filmed subject matter, let's not forget the Film Cameras were very basic for the Day, not having the sophisticated technology of Today's Video Cameras.
We love to showcase some of our projects on our Website & a direct link to our 8mm Cine Film Transfers & 16mm HD Transfers can be viewed by clicking on the following link :-

The Cine Film Factory

Why choose your services?

7. Simon`s early Vision when starting up The Cine Film Factory, having complete understanding of how precious these Video memories are to people and we have a policy that we treat customers Films as if they were our own, therefore we have procedure in place & believe communication with our customer is part of the foundation to our success.
We keep in touch with our customer right through from acknowledgement of receipt of Films upon Delivery through the Transfer stage through to Dispatch whereby we use a secure courier to return films & customer is updated via email with Tracking information to ensure they know where their Films are until they are delivered to their Doorstep.
Our chosen Courier also send s text alerts to the customers with notification of a Delivery time on the Day of Delivery.
We understand that everyone has different requirements & we are always happy to talk through production of Transfers prior to committal, we in fact encourage this as we have so much to offer that we can assist our customers with many suggestions they may have not though to ask or may have though impossible.
An interesting read for any customer looking to use us is our dedicated customer testimonial page which sums up our past customer experience on our service a direct link to our dedicated testimonial page can be found by clicking here :-