8mm Cine Film or 16mm Film Transferred to Digital Files

8mm Cine Film or 16mm Film Transferred to Digital Files


We Need Your Help!

As you may or may not be aware we offer a selection of transfer services here at The Cine Film Factory, however by far as of recent months the majority of our Customers are requesting transfer of 8mm cine film & transfer of 16mm film to Digital Video Files, over DVDs which we call service 2, rather than now what is appearing to be outdated transfer of old 8mm & 16mm to DVD, which we call transfer service 1.

Whilst we offer our digital transfer to digital video files for all media types, this ranges between 8mm cine films - 16mm films - vhs video tapes - vhs-c video tapes - video 8 - hi8 tapes - mini dv etc.

Are your Digital Transfers for Private use only - Social Media - or The Cloud?

We would be interested to know why choose digital video files?
Of course we have our own views on the convenience of transferring old film to digital files however as we seem to find out in the media nothing is ever secure in the digital world,
As this blog is being written we see on the News that Customers of the Ashley Madison Website are having their private information displayed for people to see on the internet.

We know from speaking to our Customers the majority find the convenience of having their 8mm & 16mm films transferred to digital video files rather than dvd offers them flexibility to view their film content via their own personal computers at home, let's remember given the age of some film, these may not have been viewed if at all for many years possibly extending to 10-20-30 plus years.

For many customers we create a key which is assigned to the individual 8mm cine film or 16mm film transfer file, this allows the customer the opportunity to view the transferred films at leisure then come back to us stating which number file they would like to be assigned to DVD-Video, we of course have a back up of the transfers the same as the customer gets so everyone knows what is where.

We have even in the past supplied film we have transferred from the 1920s - 1930s etc onto I Pads for customers, amazing hey! on the other scale imagine going back in time to early 1900s taking an I Pad with your film from this early era, sitting on a bench in a street in a public place whilst watching footage of the current day on the I Pad, could you imagine the reactions of the passersby as to what you are doing.

Well all of the above considered we would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and will share the some ideas you provide on a blog update in the near future.
Please contact us via e mail:- transfer@cinefilmfactory.co.uk