BBC 2 The Repair Shop & The Cine Film Factory

BBC 2 The Repair Shop & The Cine Film Factory

So back in late Summer 2018 we received a call through to our Studio from a desperately frantic sounding young lady who had a list of questions about film, not overly uncommon as we receive many calls about film here each week.

However, this once was slightly different to the norm as after our initial call about an hour later the same young lady hesitantly called again & this proceed to explain more information & that she was calling from a TV production company in conjunction with the BEEB! and that the said piece of film she inquired about had significant issues & needed restoration for the popular BBC2 program The Repair Shop.

The episode that featured our work was Episode 10 Series 4


Our brief outline by the production company was that in preparation for Episode 10 Series 4 was that there was going to be the restoration of a Eumig P8 Standard 8 projector however our part in this came that unfortunately a very important standard 8 film belonging to the projector owner had attempted to be projected on said Eumig which unfortunately acted as a film shredder leaving such precious film in various pieces not only that whoever with no name mentioned had rejoined any pieces back together in desperate fashion using sellotape (Please refer to images)

So with arrangements made the said fore mentioned Standard 8 film was hand delivered over to our studio as we were now tasked with the complete ground up restoration & rebuild we even carried transfers of the restored film to Digital to for the Gentleman.

Like many of the restoration projects we take on here we are always keen to keep progressive step by step photos along the path towards its digital journey & this was no different so you will see from the many images on our BLOG the process steps underway.

Of course, being the film expert & professionals we are we still became flattered when such large organisations can only turn to us for remedy through our experience in the handling of such delicate matters.

We are delighted to have many accreditations to our name for some monumental film restoration & transfer works we have carried out over our 15 year span see this link to other works we have digitally photographed restored to digital (Warning Not For The Faint Hearted!)

We hope that in conclusion to our BLOG it demonstrates the magic of the work we can carry out here & believe there is in most cases away around issue`s with film and would always like our customers to approach us to appraise & discuss a way forward with any film you may have.